vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy

vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy is a topical cream that can be used for the prevention and management of vaginal atrophy.

All women can develop vaginal atrophy, but it is most common in menopausal women and the condition can be uncomfortable in day-to-day life.

vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy provides a protective, moisturising barrier film that adheres to the vaginal mucosa. It provides a lubricating effect to relieve symptoms such as vaginal dryness, burning and discomfort associated with vaginal atrophy. The cream also helps restore and maintain the natural vaginal pH value.

vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy is based on natural ingredients that help support good vaginal health.

For maximum results, vonalei™ Intimate Cleansing Foam is recommended to be used before this product.

Mode of Action

 vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy
Key ingredients: 
Lactic AcidHelps restore and maintain the natural pH level in the vagina
Hyaluronic AcidPrevents water loss and supports healthy tissue within the vagina
Aloe Vera Helps to relieve vaginal irritation

vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy has the following benefits:

  • Full range – gel & cleanser
  • Natural ingredients
  • Promotes good vaginal health

Product Range: vonalei™ Vaginal Atrophy is available in a 30ml tube with reusable applicator

Regulatory Status: Medical Device Class IIa