Rosa calma™

Rosa Calma
The Rosa calma™ range of three products is specifically designed to bring a complete synergistic effect of active ingredients necessary to normalise and help control the signs and symptoms related to rosacea.

3 simple steps to help manage rosacea.

Rosa calma™ Cleansing Foam

Rosa calma™ Cleansing Foam has been specifically formulated to gently cleanse the visibly red and sensitive skin. Rosa calma™ Cleansing Foam effectively cleanses without drying out the skin.

Rosa calma™ Cleansing Cream

Rosa calma™ Cleansing Cream helps to reduce the appearance of redness while protecting and moisturising the skin; SPF30.

Rosa calma™ Serum

Rosa calma™ Serum helps to reduce the symptoms caused by rosacea by restoring the physiological skin barrier function. A protective film is created over the skin which helps to strengthen the cutaneous barrier which protects the skin from external environmental factors, which can otherwise exacerbate the condition.

The barrier created by Rosa Calma helps to maintain skin hydration levels so the affected skin stays moisturised and is less prone to drying out. This mechanism allows the physiological healing process through restoring skin balance conditions on compromised area.

Mode of Action: in combination with its ingredients

Key ingredients: 
Potassium Azeloyl DiglycinateStrong moisturizing and protecting activity
Zanthoxylum BungeanumReduces the skin discomfort and itching
Sodium HyaluronateBio-adhesion moisturising

Rosa calma™ includes a complete range that helps manage rosacea in 3 simple steps.

    Product Range: There are three products within the range:
    70ml Foam Cleanser in pump action bottle
    50ml Cream in tube
    25ml Serum in tube

    Regulatory Status: Serum is a Medical Device Class IIa; Cleanser and Cream is a cosmetic.