Myco Clear®

Myco Clear
A range of two products, consisting of Myco Clear® Fungal Nail Solution, which helps treat and prevent fungal infections and Myco Clear Fungal Nail Cleanser, used for the hygiene of hands and feet prone to fungal nail infections.

Myco Clear® Fungal Nail Solution with its easy-to-use application brush helps:

  • Improve the overall appearance and condition of the nail
  • Create an adverse acidic environment so nail fungus cannot thrive
  • Create a protective barrier over the damaged nail, preventing further fungal infections from entering the nail
  • Protect the damaged nail structures

Myco Clear® Cleanser is a mild and gentle cleanser for the daily cleaning of hands, feet and nails and has been specifically formulated for those vulnerable to nail and skin infections. It has a low pH which creates a hostile microenvironment to help prevent fungi from thriving and guard against fungal nail infections.

Mode of Action

Myco Clear Fungal Nail solution mechanism of action is given by the combination of its ingredients.

Myco Clear
Key ingredients: 
Urea & Lactic AcidImproves appearance of nail
Lactic Acid, Copper Usnate Creates hostile environment so nail fungus cannot proliferate
Thymus Vulgaris, Decylene GlycolCreates hostile environment so nail fungus cannot proliferate
Polyquaterim-7 Barrier-forming

Myco Clear® has the following benefits:

    Product range:
    There are two products within the range – 4ml Fungal Nail Solution and 100ml Fungal Nail Cleanser

    Regulatory Status:
    Myco Clear Fungal Nail Solution is a Medical Device Class IIA; Cleanser is a Cosmetic