Lissio™ Light

With its unique combination of ingredients, the Lissio™ Light range has been expertly formulated to effectively remove age spots from the face and hands.

The Lissio™ Light range has skin whitening, skin brightening and anti-ageing benefits in one, which addresses three of the most important skin concerns for an ageing population.

The Lissio™ Light range contains a unique complex of whitening/lightening ingredients that inhibit the over-production of melanin within the skin; furthermore, it helps in the reduction of pigmented spots and overall, skin is left brighter and more luminous.

Each product is designed to provide a number of anti-ageing benefits – to enable the skin to regenerate, restore and repair photodamaged skin from over exposure to the sun, and be left more hydrated and revitalised, giving a more youthful appearance.

Mode of Action

Lissio Light Mode of Action
Key ingredients: 
Algowhite GEliminates age spots/sun spots by inhibiting the over-production of melanin in the skin
AceromineHas anti-ageing, regenerative and skin whitening/lightening properties
Multifruit BSC Has regenerative, skin tightening and anti-ageing properties
Onopordum AcanthiumStimulates epidermal regeneration, leading to fresher, smoother skin
Shea ButterMoisturises the skin to reduce visibility of fine lines
Vitamin EProtects skin from premature ageing

Lissio™ Light has the following benefits:

  • Premium skincare range for hyper pigmentation and loss of radiance
  • Lissio Light offers 3 in one benefits
       Skin whitening
       Skin brightening
  • Clinically proven ingredients - effective & safe
  • Contains natural ingredients

Product Range: There are 5 products within the range

Regulatory Status: Cosmetic

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