About Venture Life

Our Strategy

Our Mission

Venture Life is committed to providing effective and innovative solutions for an ageing population to improve their quality of life.

Our Vision – Improving the lives of an ageing population

At Venture Life, our vision is to be a leader delivering world class products to meet the demands of global consumers.

The corporate strategy is to create value for its shareholders through developing products that improve the quality of life of our increasingly older population.

Our commercial strategy is focused on providing innovative products for the international consumer healthcare market, delivered through an international network of sales & marketing partners.

It is centred upon providing products that satisfy these main criteria:

  • Direct to Consumer – our aim is to provide safe and effective products satisfying significant unmet needs.

  • Objective Clinical Data – our aim is to differentiate our consumer-orientated products from the competition by supporting our products with sound clinical data.

  • Licensing – our aim is to commercialise our products through an international network of marketing partners.