About Venture Life

About Us

Venture Life is an international consumer self-care company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercialising products for the ageing population. The Group’s product range and pipeline currently include food supplements for lowering cholesterol and maintaining brain function, dermo-cosmetics for addressing the signs of ageing, and medical devices for improving minor aches and pains, dry eyes and itchy skin. The products, which typically are recommended by pharmacists or healthcare practitioners, are available primarily through pharmacies supplied by the Group’s international distribution partners.

Through its manufacturing company in Italy, Biokosmes, the Group also provides development and manufacturing services to companies in the medical device and cosmetic sectors.

The Group’s own branded products are currently sold or partnered in over 40 countries and currently include:

  1. Food supplements for lowering LDL cholesterol and improving brain function and memory,
  2. Dermo-cosmetics and cosmetics for addressing the signs of skin ageing and hair loss, and
  3. Medical devices for improving conditions such as minor aches and pains, dry eyes and itchy skin.

The Company has a healthy development pipeline including products in areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular health, obesity, cognitive function and skin ageing. Products coming from the pipeline will be expected to have intellectual property protection and be supported by independent clinical evidence of efficacy.

The Company’s product development strategy is focused on delivering products that:

  • Are consumer-facing and are attractive to distribution partners and pharmacies,
  • Are safe and efficacious and satisfy significant unmet market needs, and
  • Are supported by objective clinical data that validate the Company’s products and differentiate them from the competition.